This page is about how you can intervene with the bullying or what to do if you are getting bullied. There are many ways stop bullying or to intervene without anyone getting hurt. We made this website so you can know what to do if this ever happens again. The picture is the link to the website.


This website is about what you can do as different people related to someone being bullied. It tells how you are either helping or hurting in the victim’s eyes


This is a relevant site because it has real-life scenarios of ways you can be an upstander. It also provides information on ways you can be a bystander without knowing it.


You can learn about some of the results of bullying on this website. It gives you ways to intervene in different environments and around different people.


Here, you can find facts about different types of bullying. It shows you who can help you and others who get affected.


The National Runaway Safeline gives you the ability to ask questions to a professional and all your information is kept confidential.


This Nebraska-specific website lets you explore what certain people can do to help. You can also request educational anti-bullying performances for your school or event.