Girls Who Code is a national non-profit organization working to close the gender gap in technology by providing a unique educational experience for young women to learn computer science.

Our group met at Do Space -- a first-of-it's-kind tech library in Omaha -- for 26 sessions where we learned about women in technology, coding fundamentals, and project planning.


I am in the 6th grade. I really like basketball, track, and a lot of other sports. I really didn't know how to code and I wanted to learn what it was and how to do it. I think Girls Who Code is very important because a lot of girls drift away from STEM projects (I don't know why -- they're so fun). I think it's great that we are building this website to help people to stop getting bullied or stop it from starting.


I am in the 7th grade. I decided to get into coding when I was called up to the teachers desk because I was one of the only people with the "computer smarts". I saw that someone was hacking the computers' input, and changing the grades for that specific course. It took me awhile to realize this, but when I did they were saying that they had to restart the computer. I told them not to do this because someone was hacking into the grade input software, and turning off the machine risked deletion or masking of the footprint that this person was leaving behind. Eventually the person was caught. Some of my hobbies include: video gaming, coding, and dog training.


I'm in 6th grade and love to play video games. I think that bullying is a subject most people don't think too hard about, you tell an adult if someone is being mean, but actually it's more complex than that. Girls Who Code is important because it can help people learn about coding and you get to help the community by building websites that can be useful. I got into Girls Who Code and coding in general because I love video games and wanted to know how they were made and how to animate.


I'm an 11-year-old sixth grader, and I love coding!! I love creating things using code, and I also love reading, writing, and drawing. When I started Girls Who Code, I wanted to code a website and help stop bullying, and GWC has helped me reach my goal. I want to help bring an end to bullying because when it happens to you, you feel like the worst person in the world,and I don't want anyone else to feel that way. I feel like sharing bullying stories will help people feel better about being bullied.


I'm one of the members in a great group of girls in Girls Who Code. I'm in the eighth grade and I love coding. Coding is a great thing in life in my opinion. Coding makes up some of the ways we live and I find it very interesting how code can operate many things you may see around you. Being a part of this group has opened up my eyes to coding and its showed me it is way more then I thought. Before, going into this group I did coding in games in my school but now, I know so much more then I did. This website I made with others is very important to me because it is a topic I like to talk about and it is something that we know needs to be fixed EVERYWHERE in the world. I'm happy to be in a group who has girls like me who want to make a difference and show that not only guys can code.


I'm in 6th grade and this is my first year at Girls Who Code. I joined Girls Who Code because I liked the coding activities at school and wanted to learn more. Girls Who Code is important to me because I think our project is for a good cause, I learned a lot from it, and met a lot of new people. Some of my hobbies are tennis, swimming, cooking, and art.


I'm a 7th grader who likes playing tennis, reading, and being around nature. I got into coding because I've just always been interested in robots and what makes them work. I like helping people, and want to get a job where I am helping people every day :)


I'm an 8th grader, and the only one in our group who has been in the group before (it's my second time). I got into coding by taking an HTML class, and I really liked it. Aside from computer science, I love art, writing, music, and swimming, though I think I might go into computer science as a career.